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Top-Class Bathroom Cleaning Services In Groton

You’ll never have to ask yourself why your bathroom is so dirty again.

Kaitlyn house cleaning services is some of the top-class restroom cleaning services in Groton CT that can help keep your place smelling and looking new.

Cleaning the bathroom is probably the least favorite chore that everyone indulges in. But, at Kaitlyn House Cleaning Services, we strive to provide the best bathroom cleaning services in Norwich, Old Saybrook & Mystic, Connecticut, and Groton CT. We really can turn your germ-prone bathroom into a healthier and safer place. With this, you can be completely free from bacteria living in your house. 

Wash Hands

Furthermore, our bathroom cleaning services will ensure that your bathroom is clean, safe, and hygienic. Moreover, the cost of Kaitlyn House Cleaning Services, our bathroom cleaning is quite affordable and hence you will get full value for your money.

What are the things that are included in our Professional bathroom cleaning service?

  • Proper cleaning and sanitization of toilet seats, washbasins, and cupboards are done.
  • Dark stains are difficult to remove and dirt stains from corners are easy to clean.
  • Deep buffing, cleaning, and sanitization of the shower area, taps, and tub are done.
  • The floor tiles are deeply rubbed in such a way that deep stresses are removed.
  • Glass glasses and mirrors are properly cleaned.
  • Proper cleaning of hard-to-reach areas like geyser top, behind WC, etc., is done.
  • The entire bathroom is dried with a clean and dry cloth and after that, we spray the fragrance.